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Nothing worse than typing up half a post and accidentally hitting the back button.  /rolls eyes heavward

Let's sum up with: Hey, the Big Red Mare wasn't a total lazy bum today. Which is good, because her draft ass is too heavy to hold up. It wasn't as fun as LAST lesson, but well, we can't extended canter eeevery time. Did a lot of "hey, get off the reins" work.but that's better than "no, this is how we don't cut corners" work.

She's going to be showing 1st level next time out! I'm looking forward to seeing how she does. I'm not sure who is showing her--Kim, her owner, or maybe Diane. I know Diane is taking Butter one of these next couple of shows--she doesn't get to show HERSELF much when she's toting all the students along. :)

(I still say Butter is a goofy name for the mare--she's a Champagne Appaloosa, imagine the fun you could have with show names for a horse like that. No, she's Buttercream. Pfft.)

Other than New York the Dutch WB, my trainer has the Unconventional Dressage Horse brigade--two POAs, an Appaloosa, a Vanner cross pinto, and a Belgian. Oh, and one Welsh something maybe cross? who knows bay pony.

May. 18th, 2014

Holy shit guys, I got at least 4 strides of really s l o o o w canter out of Lluvia today. Which is impressive for Miss Loves Extending.

And we were OUTSIDE for the first time this year and no one else had ridden her yet today.

And she was not a loon.


Man, I remember the time when it was a struggle for me to not have every canter transition be a launch into mach 1 with her.

May. 14th, 2014

"So what are you even LEARNING in lessons anymore?"

My mom asked me that a couple of months ago, and I forget what lame answer I gave--something like "How to do what I already do, but better? Prettier circles. Prettier transitions."

How do you explain dressage lessons to a casual trail rider, anyway? "Well, this week I was really focused on keep my thighs loose and my knees being only a hinge. Oh, and trotting in a straight line."

Sometimes I wished I jumped because at least that seems like something concrete I could explain better. Then I remember that what horses my trainer has that jump, all loooooove to jump.  Loooooove. Sounds great, right?  Yes, except for the nervous older noob who is NOT okay with just casually adding in some extra jumps you saw over there for giggles. Seriously, she has George, who thinks that jumping is to be done AS FAST AS POSSIBLE, and Butter, who will make that turn you didn't think she could make to add in another jump that was on a totally different line because SHE CAN. I'm not sure I can trust either of those lovely lunatics to be super easy on me.

And I don't even know if George jumps anymore, actually. I think he's pretty solidly retired except for toting his owner's kid around. Which is kind of a shame, because I owe a lot to that little asshole and would love to get on him again. I'm not sure who's more obnoxious on the ground, his sly, mischievous ass or Miss Lluvia The Big Red Mare Who Knows How Big She Is.

...George. George is totally more of a bother because he's all pony attitude in a slightly-bigger-than-pony package. Seriously, what a cocknugget. (I love him so, so much.) (But he is a cocknugget!)

...sooo, I guess I'll just hope my mom doesn't ask that question again.  :P 
While my trainer was helping one of her younger students put away the lesson pony, I walked Lluvia around to warm her up. I decided, on a whim, to ask her to step over a couple of ground rails--there were just two, and shoved up next to each other. Should be no big deal, right? Especially not to a 17 hand Belgian who can just casually step over them?


"BUT I DUN WANNA." She didn't back UP like she did the very first time I asked her to step over a pole, but she did do the "no no no no" foot shuffle until a few nudges turned into a few kicks and she finally "braved" stepping over them.

Goofy ass mare. You are not NEW to poles! They will NOT eat you! Just because one of the other riders was hopping her mare over a small stack of poles nearby for giggles did not mean I would even remotely consider the same thing.

Her work ethic is great, if you don't ask her to step over poles, I guess?

(She also side-eyes jump standards, which she is also totally used to. Why, mare?)

Why did I get a puppy?


She's a potentially awesome dog wrapped in a ton of trouble. I think I'm going to spend a small fortune buying the treats I need to clicker train this beastie into respectability. She's still prone to utterly losing her little puppy mind and leaping and play biting uncontrollably--and yes, I'm following the "a tired pup is a good pup" mantra. This may just be an 8 month old English Setter being...an 8 month old English Setter.

I wish the cat would IGNORE her instead of instigating shit. If Vesta just sat there as opposed to smacking the hell out of the dog's face, the dog wouldn't think she was PLAYING! Myla has utterly no idea that the hissing and smacking is a BAD thing. Oh pup. An the cat is totally following us from room to room, too. Vesta. Staaaahp.

Sep. 8th, 2013

So, funny thing. I've been doing pretty well in my lessons lately--in the beginning. It often starts to fall apart at the end. Why? Well, that's about the time the Big Red Mare decides she's warmed up and ready to go! And apparently there's something about a young, 17 hand red mare who wants to GO that I find a bit unnerving.  /eyerolls

I bless/curse her work ethic. I really need to just buckle down and get my No Bitch You Will Do As I say britches on. Our battles are typically along the lines of Just Go Over the Fucking Pole, No Don't Rush Into the Canter, Flex Inwards You Twitface, Will You Just Fucking Slow Down, or Look This Test Doesn't Have Any Canter in it and You Can Fucking Deal With It. Oh, and Stop Guessing What I Want You To Do You're Wrong.

Closing costs are $3k less than originally estimated. Good because...um, that woulda been snug.

We're all okay now!

Closing is on Monday.

I'm so tired of packing. Oh, and of the cat barfing. Stop kitty, it'll be okay!

Internal Crisis. Do Not Want.

So while we're super-pinching pennies while house buying (hello, $200 car repair bill we didn't need), it was--ahem--suggested that I drop my riding lessons for a month.

Although this PLEASES ME NOT AT ALL, I'll do it. But honestly, it's gotten me thinking--why do I bother?

I don't show. I 'just' wanted to learn well enough to not torment any future horse I may own--and I think I've successfully reached that point. I don't have any real ambition--I just want to trail ride. Since my actually owning a horse again seems to be yeeears in the future if ever...why am I bothering?

What am I doing?

Sure, it's the only time I get to ride. But..it's a lot of money. Could I maybe find a lease instead? Would that be better? CAN I even find a lease for the same amount I'm spending on lessons ($120 a month). That's...jack shit for even a partial lease, I guess, but surely someone has a trail horse they'd appreciate having some bill help with?

Or I can just quit because I'll never have the money to own a horse again and go cry bitter tears at reality and adulthood? Then use the money to buy furniture for my new house like a boring adult?

Am I PMSing? Is this my Adult Poor Child Money Guilt talking?

Why does this all make me want to cry?

oh god I'm going to lose my mind.

Today in Pony Brains...

New York: *trots through puddle*
New York: *trots through puddle*
New York: *trots through puddle*
New York: *trots through puddle*
New York: *trots through puddle*
New York: *looks over at a horse being loaded into a trailer*  ...OH FUCK THERE'S A PUDDLE HERE AAAAH!!!